Packing List

Incoming volunteers faced with the stressful task of packing for 2 years in a developing country, here is what I brought to Uganda:

4 skirts + 2 dresses (all below the knee)
pants: leggings, yoga pants, long hiking pants (1 pair each) + 2 pairs workout shorts (to wear inside, or to wear over leggings when running outside)
shirts: 2 workout shirts, 2 casual shirts, 4 tank tops, 1 flannel, 2 cardigan-types + 1 button down for teaching
shoes: every day sandals, sneakers, hiking boots, shower shoes (1 pair each)
5 sports bras + 3 regular bras
5 pairs regular socks + 2 pairs wool socks
LOTS of underwear (bring and save some to use in your second year)
3 scarves (1 warm, 2 light) + 1 warm hat
rain jacket
fleece jacket
headbands + jewelry + accessories that will make you happy and comfortable
Electronics & Hobbies
laptop + external hard drive
small solar charger
plenty of books
colored pens
seeds + gardening gloves
yoga mat
2 kitchen knives + knife sharpener
1 good pan
1 good pot
Lara bars + trail mix + Justin’s PB packets (these are lifesavers in training)
picture + notes + other mementos to remind you of home
sheets (anything but white)
towels (1 regular one + 1 travel camping one)
Diva Cup
Swiss Army knife
insect repellent (I use All Terrain Herbal Armor DEET-free natural insect repellent – it’s amazing & smells wonderful)
head lamp
light sleeping bag (hotly debated among volunteers if this is a necessity or not – I say yes!)
enough of any toiletries you need to last you through training (3 months) – deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, razors… after that you can get things sent
canvas tote or other bag for carrying around your stuff/trips to the market
cross-body purse

*I think less is better at the beginning because it’s hard to know exactly what you’ll want and need until you get here. You can always buy things here or get them sent as you go. Good luck!!


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