Contact Me

Hi, friends! I’d love to hear from you – here’s how you can get in touch.

Taylor Dempsey
c/o Busubizi Core PTC
P.O. Box 5
Mityana, Uganda

Tips for Mailing:
x There’s a decent chance things will get lost or taken, so don’t send anything particularly valuable.
x Don’t insure packages – insurance isn’t recognized here and the post office is likely to just charge me more to pick it up when it arrives.
x If you have to list what’s in a package, tell them it’s something like books or school supplies, and it will be less likely to be stolen.
x Other volunteers have also suggested: using my African name (Nabatanzi) as my middle name, and adding religious stickers, pictures, Bible verses, etc. to the envelope or box. All to make me seem less like a rich muzungu!
x Tape is good. Tape is very good. In the words of a Kenyan PCV: “Use as much tape as you think you would need if you were planning to drop-kick it into a pile of land mines. Now double it.”



8 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. T- So excited for you! Best of luck and can’t wait to hear all about it… While I used to consider myself technologically savy, I’m beginning to think that technology is advancing a bit too quickly for me but fear not, I finally figured out how to follow your blog. Best of luck and keep us posted! Love, Bee

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishment.
    Post some pictures of that wonderful sunset!
    Can’t wait to her more. Hope your housing issues get worked out soon!

  3. Hi Taylor,

    …so I’m on the tram from the O’Hare parking lot to the terminal on my way to Elsie’s (can you believe it?!) 3rd birthday party. The woman standing across from me has a tee-shirt proclaiming “GLOW” on the front, and is carrying a crated pet… I’ve just read your blog about Glow and can’t resist asking the crazy question – “Have you been to Uganda; were you involved in the GLOW project there?” Not knowing the context of “GLOW” or its potential existence in other cultures, I thought I was taking a stab in the dark… not only was she just returning from her service in Uganda (on her 48th hour of travel to her native San Francisco), she let me know she was placed in your dorm for GLOW just two weeks before… Joey was her name!

    SUCH a small world! Glad you’re well, love and appreciate your connection with us… be safe and keep learning and giving Taylor!

    Love, Susan W.

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