my favorite ugandans

I’m set to leave Uganda the first week of January, which means I’ve had to start my goodbyes.

Goodbyes are hard. They’re even harder when they’re the type that might be forever.

I’ve met so many remarkable people in this country – people who have made the transition to village life a little bit easier; who have welcomed me into their homes and made me part of their families; who have taught me about hard work, generosity, and finding joy in any situation.

Farridah, Danita, Angel, Baby Arriana, Claire, Sharon, Badrew, Patrick, Samuel, Stella, Selica, Nolleen, Junior, Gerard, Baby David, John, Obed, Lillian, Zipporah, Agnes, Godwin, Dan, Susan, Denis, Letasi, Patricia, Immaculate, Annet, and many, many more…

I love you. Thank you for two years I will never forget.

Here are some snaps of the Ugandans I’m going to miss the most.

Carpe Diem,

What makes sense today may be madness tomorrow.
[African Proverb – Nigeria]
February 2014 007

2014-Taylors Images-44



sept 2014 187claires photos (2)

sept 2014 188


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