a wednesday treat

Sometimes I have proud teacher moments. Like today, when three of my students came to my house to show me things they wrote for fun during their free time at school; they wanted me to correct their English errors and talk about creative writing with them. We had a chat and some peppermint patties, and it was the best part of my week.

Here’s my favorite, a poem by little Betty that made me smile ear to ear.

A Seed is a Promise

Dear listeners,
You know a lot about seeds. When you eat an orange, you see little white seeds inside.
Do you know where all these seeds come from?
All seeds come from plants. And in every seed there is a promise, a promise that a new plant will grow.
If you know what kind of plant a seed comes from, you know what it will grow into.
Have you ever planted a seed and helped it grow? If you have you have made the world more beautiful.
If you wanted to do something to make the world more beautiful, would you start in your own neighborhood? Or would you go far from home to begin?


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