back to summer camp

Last school holiday, in May, I escaped to Greece for some first world love with my Momma. This time around, I *toughed it out* in country, which ended up not really being so tough after all. Instead it involved a lot of adventuring with my first visitor (my Dad!!) and also the best week I spent in country: counselling at National Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). You can read my “girl power” post for reasons why I think this concept is important/necessary/awesome…

GLOW happens a few times a year; it’s a Peace Corps baby, funded, planned, and staffed by us. We nominate girls aged 14-18 from our communities, and bring them together for a week of American summer camp-style fun, with tons of exciting empowerment sessions sprinkled in, like Assertiveness, Malaria Prevention, Self Esteem, Teamwork, Reproductive Health, Goal Setting, Money Management, and Income Generating Activities.

As a counsellor I was assigned a group of ten girls and we Sparrows did everything together all week: eat, clean, sleep, play, dance, learn, reflect, grow… My girls were from the far corners of Uganda, no two came from the same district or tribe, no two spoke the same local language. As anticipated, they were shy and anxious at first; reflection sessions were quiet and I felt like I was pulling teeth to get them to talk about what they were learning and thinking.

Some of the girls had never left their village, most had never been to Kampala, and all were very far out of their comfort zones. I guess this made the transformation I saw in them that much more dramatic. Because after the second day, my group of timid crickets had turned into a sisterhood who walked everywhere arm in arm, laughed and cried together as we brought up more sensitive and powerful topics during reflection, and chattered away like they were at a slumber party long after the dorm lights were switched off. They were jumping out of their seats to participate in classes, leading dozens of their friends in camp-wide activities, and scheming on how they would share what they learned at GLOW with their own communities.

This last point is one of the most important goals of camp. We are empowering this small group of girls, but that’s just what they are: small. We want every woman in Uganda to learn how to be financially independent, confidently say ‘no’ to men they don’t trust, and separate the myths from the facts when it comes to family planning, their bodies, and their sexual health. We handpick campers for a reason, so that we work with young leaders who have the ability to spread their knowledge and insights and initiate a ripple effect.

On the last day my little Sparrows left me smiling, with two of them telling me separately that GLOW was the best week of their lives…

I already can’t wait for round 2!

Much Love,

An army of sheep led by a lion
can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.
[African Proverb – Ghana]










One thought on “back to summer camp

  1. T-
    I am currently sitting at school during my student teaching and I was thrilled to receive an email from your blog. This post I shared with my cooperating teacher, who is absolutely amazing, we are in tears. The work that you are doing to inspire these women is incredible. I can tell by your pictures that you are enjoying your work as much as the women are enjoying learning. The self-determination and power you are giving these young women is going to change their lives, and that is going to change your life as well. I hope you are having an awesome time, and I can’t wait to see you soo soon!!!
    Tons of Love
    Kelly (Miss Macchia – lol)

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