the week of joy

Purely fun activities are a rarity for Ugandan youth, so when classes were cancelled last week for boys’ football and girls’ netball matches I could hardly believe it. It was awesome to hang out with my students outside of school, and the spirited atmosphere (complete with a pineapple concession stand) was unexpected but great. Despite being the poorest school in the competition, unable to afford proper uniforms, we won our football match and all of the kids piled onto the players after the final whistle was blown…

Teachers know how to have fun, too! For Easter, a group of 20 of us stayed on an island on Lake Bunyonyi, in the southwestern region, near the border of Rwanda. The full day of travel was well worth it – It was a much needed weekend of good food and friends, amazing views, refreshing swims, and canoeing and rope swinging adventures…

Do something fun today!

A single bracelet does not jingle.
[African Proverb – Congo]


2 thoughts on “the week of joy

  1. This looks awesome Tay, I went hiking to a lake today with the fam. Thought how much you’d love it! Miss you xoxo

  2. This. Is. Amazing. Ahhh I can only imagine how good that pineapple is. Congrats on the soccer win 🙂
    Miss you//love you.

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