little snippets

11 February 2013 – Move in day! Man, this place is empty. And blank. But it’s sunny yellow and rat free : )

12 February 2013 – String + clothespins + many, many pictures and postcards = the perfect recipe for brightening up a room!

13 February 2013 – Offered to start teaching Physics, without really realizing it. Whoops! But actually, I’m happy to help – There’s only been 1 Physics teacher for the entire school for years.

14 February 2013 – The Deputy Headmaster opened the computer lab, to find that all 13 brand new computers, donated last year by the Ministry of Ed, had been stolen. The bars on the windows were cut, probably over the holidays. This was going to be the first year computer classes were offered to the students.

15 February 2013 – A wonderful colleague, Dan, brought me to meet the workers at the health clinic down the road. Hoping to start volunteering there once a week, on a day I don’t have classes.

16 February 2013 – First weekend in the village: (1) Read two books cover to cover. (2) P90X comes to Africa. (3) Bye-bye privacy.

17 February 2013 – When it rains, it rains. It’s so loud in my house that I can’t hear my iPod in my ears at full blast. And there are leaks. Too many to catch with buckets. Thank goodness for cement floors and 90 degree heat that sucks the puddles right back up!

18 February 2013 – Email from Peace Corps staff: “I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.” -E.B. White

19 February 2013 – Whole, dead chicken in a bag with its head sticking out, next to me on my taxi ride.

20 February 2013 – One of the best days I’ve had in country. I got a loved-filled package, ate a sandwich, met a new friend, taught a really successful lesson, and was asked to be the “English Doctor” for the debate club at school.

21 February 2013 – One of the most frustrating days I’ve had in country. There is still confusion over the timetable so I sat in the staff room for the entire day instead of teaching. And for the 18th time, every last teacher asked me why I wasn’t eating the infamous, ever-flavorful Ugandan government school lunch: posho (boiled corn flour) and mushy beans. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Love, Tay

Patience can cook a stone.
[African Proverb]


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