trainee no more

I have been an official Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) for 3 days now. The Swearing In ceremony was held at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in Kololo. It was such a happy occasion, with everyone looking fancy in their African fabrics, reunited with the entire Ugandan training staff, and celebrating our freedom from the overly-structured schedule we’ve been enduring for the past 10 weeks. We were served real juice and American hors d’oeuvres – luxury!

Lots of highs and lows in the past few weeks…

I had a teary goodbye with my homestay family, but then got to spend a few days with the whole group and see my friends who are in different regions. It was great to share stories and laughs and toasts again.

I also got my long-awaited site assignment: Naama Secondary School in Mityana District, about 70 km NW of Kampala. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to settle in yet, due to housing issues and communication problems with my school.

I’ve been taken in by a fellow volunteer, Robin (probably one of the coolest ladies I know – this is her 3rd time in PC!!), whose site is about 10 km from mine. Another friend, Jenn, is also squatting here and it’s been lovely having their company and easing into village life together.

The pace of our days is nice. We read and have tea, walk to the market for mangos, do a bit of cleaning and washing… But the best part is watching the incredible sunset; the house is isolated and quiet, on top of a hill facing due west.

More good news: the school term doesn’t start until February so there’s a little time to get some housing things sorted before I start teaching. The calls begin Monday!

Something good always comes of the bad, and I am convinced now more than ever that everything happens for a reason. I count my blessings everyday, that I have the most selfless friends, the support of such a well-connected organisation, staffed by the best of this beautiful country.

I’m putting my address into Contact Info and I will update it if it changes. Please write to me – I miss you!

: ) Tay

A good harvest does not grow with ease;
the more diligent the farmer, the more bountiful the crop.
[African Proverb]


One thought on “trainee no more

  1. Hi Taylor!

    What an amazing experience you have embarked on! It’s comforting to know that you are happy, safe, and settling in. We think of you often, knowing that this calling will shape your life of service, in whatever capacity. Our very best to you. Please let us know if we can do anything to support you.

    Love, Susan and Fred

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