things I have done since I have last written…

  • Met a witch doctor at the top of a hike.
  • Taught a class of 100+ students.
  • Ventured through crazy congested and confusing Kampala on my own (street signs and traffic lights? who needs ‘em).
  • Spent an evening trapping and killing a massive rat in the room I share with 10 other girls. And then watching a pack of geckos chase down their dinner on our ceiling.
  • Eaten a Rolex. (A Ugandan breakfast burrito type wrap-ish.)
  • Said goodbye to a member of our training group who decided to ET (Early Terminate).
  • Used local materials like rice sacks, beans, and wire to make activities and diagrams for my classes.
  • Tragically had that old iPod of mine delete all of my music and then refuse to turn back on.
  • Cancelled a class due to rain.
  • Plowed through my Lara Bar stash at amazing speed.
  • Drunk almost as much tea as I do with the Brits (Hi B, C & N!) – There are 2 tea breaks a day here, even at schools.
  • Not taken an actual shower in weeks.
  • Adapted to living on 42,000 Shillings ($16.80) a week.
  • Gained a new appreciation for all of the teachers I know, especially my aunts, and how hard they work. So. Many. Lesson. Plans.
  • Been inspired by the drive and resiliency of my students.
  • Learned to love the Ugandan mindset about taking your time and being in the present. When people are worried or hurrying, Ugandans stop them and say “There will be time,” which is true, of course. Time is a circular concept. What’s the point of rushing through one task, if the time saved is just spent rushing through another?

Enjoy the holidays with family & friends – don’t multitask, don’t stress, don’t worry. There will be time for the other, less important things… There is always time…

Merry Merry,

The hunter in pursuit of an elephant
does not stop to throw stones at birds.
[African Proverb – Uganda]


7 thoughts on “things I have done since I have last written…

  1. ask the witch doctor if she can fix hips, more lara bars in transit, envious of the non-showering; cannot multitask anyway —inspired by your drive and resiliency!

  2. Oh my god Tay I can’t believe you killed a rat! Haha I would have freaked! I like your saying about time, gonna try that after finals 😉 Can’t wait to hear about that story with the witch doctor. Love you, miss you xoxo

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